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Monifieth Heritage Centre


There has always been a problem in Monifieth finding accommodation for meetings.

It was the reason why MLHS initially, in 2004, leased the premises at 55  High Street, which resulting from donations of items  etc by members of the community developed into  Monifieth House of Memories / Heritage Centre.

One of the main attractions by the MLHS, and a valid reason for the lease application for the former Angus Access Office being the anti rooms, which not only would allow setting up for research etc, but also have available meeting space for other discussion / learning groups..

Monifieth residents are accustomed to travelling out with the town to find services on offer to those in other Angus towns.



As you can see from this years books we need support in our venture.

Balance sheet 31st October 2017


Should we be successful with our Lease Application for the Angus Access Office, and I sincerely hope we are, then we must start getting into place formal plans for the management of a Monifieth Community Heritage Centre. Please note that the key word is Community, which means that they would be required to play a much more active part in supporting the ambitious project. We the Monifieth Local History Society will continue as we have done for 14 years to promote the Monifieth Heritage story, however, we will only be part of the Heritage Centre  giving our support .
The proposed Heritage Centre will not only attract more  visitors to Monifieth, it will help `town centre regeneration`, something very badly lacking at present, for all High Street businesses. Monifieth would be moving up the ladder, on the tourist trail, catching all the visitors in the area, due to the opening of the  V & A, more  cruise liners docking at Dundee.
A Heritage Centre Management Committee will need to be established from those who are willing to become involved. Can we state now that this is something which should not only be undertaken by the “Golden Oldies / Senior Citizens” but those with ambitions and committment to preserving the not only the heritage , but the community of Monifieth, which is rapidly becoming a Dundee dormitory.

Tale of Two Bottles


From time to time we get unusual requests and it is sometimes interesting how things turn out.

“The bridge over the Dighty, at Monifieth has certainly been a crossing point for many centuries. …

                              Just found a milk bottle from Milton of Monifieth Dairy in farmyard in Gloucestershire. Well travelled! Would be fascinated to find out why it made it this far.
                              Interested to know when the dairy opened and closed in order to date the bottle.”

A lady  had dug up a Milton Dairy milk bottle in Gloucestershire and wanted to find out more about it. We replied…
There is information on our website and adverts, story & pictures. The owners before Forbes was Millar going back for quite sometime.
The dairy  is no longer operational.
We thought that that was the end of the story but we quickly received an email  from Stuart.
My great grandparents and grandparents had the Milton Farm and Dairy.
Contact me at stuartmillar@cogeco.ca and I will give you my information on the Milton.
I would love a photograph of the bottle.
This was passed on to Myra and she replied….

Dear Stuart

Please find attached a photo of the milk bottle dug up in a farmyard in Driffield Gloucestershire.
Fascinating to hear that you are connected with the dairy.

Our President has just emailed me  and said…..

We also have a half pint one, with `tuberculin tested` printed with the name.

We love to hear of stories like this. Please keep them coming.

House of Memories Bottle

Ian Elder writes………………..

The Milton Dairy bottle takes me back to my school days when I had a milk round with Ron Forbes. I also at one time washed the bottles and filled them for the next days deliveries. We would also pick the milk up in churns from Balmossie Farm, which was owned by the Reid’s at that time, on the rear platform of the lorry which was used for delivering.(This would not be allowed today).I also knew Ron’s wife Maureen who went to school with my mum.

Twelve years on

Looking back to our first news

Monifieth Local History Society

        Newsletter Letter

        Thursday, 05 February 2004

Seven days is said to be a long time in politics.

It can also be an endurance test for the members of the Monifieth Local History Society. The prolonged legal negotiations for the lease of 55 High Street, Monifieth are finally reaching a conclusion.

Now the `real work` begins.

The clearing up, painting, decorating and setting up the displays will keep everyone out of mischief for a while.

The Trustees, who are to manage the day to day running of the Monifieth House of Memories, are busy with pens, papers and calculators working out business plans, costing strategies and `fund raising` activities.

No complaints though, they are eager to see the first member of the public through the door, to view the display, even sit down for a chat about events and days long past.

You may wish to know “When will that be?”

No definite answer, as lessons were learned from the delays that can occur out with our control

Re. Finalising the Property Lease.

The more help and assistance given then the sooner the `Opening Day`. The old saying “Every mickle maks a muckle” could be applied to the situation.

Help in any shape or form will be gratefully received.

The video “Monifieth Past, Present & Future” is still very much sought after. Already this project has generated £2000 towards funding for the House of Memories.


Seven days since the launch in the Monifieth Public Library Learning Suite.

We have already had quite a number of `hits`. Tell us what you think of our site? .

What would you prefer to see?

Have you any Monifieth Tales?


Monifieth Quiz.

Who was James Gerard Young?

Where were the `Brickies`?

Where was the Tram Depot?

Where was Albert Works?

Where was Jennie Barrie`s Inn?

Letters from Abroad.

This week a letter arrived from an internationally, well known “Monifieth Laddie”, Walter Deas.

Accepted as one of the World`s leading experts on under water photography and diving, Walter still keeps up links with his `home` town. Now resident in Australia he does visit his family in Scotland, between spells working , in some exotic spot filming .

Thanks Walter for noticing us.

Monifieth Beach pre 1950

Monifieth Beach pre 1950

Monifieth House of Memories – a special place

Desperate Dan that iconic Dundee person made an appearance

Dan in the House of Memories

Dan in the House of Memories








Into the eleventh year of its being there for visitors, the feeling was that perhaps a “face lift” was the order of the day. With some preparation, cementing and pointing of the stonework, it was time to bring in a professional painter & decorator.

Who knows what may happen at the House of Memories over the next ten years.

Certainly it is now known throughout the World by the number of overseas visitors who have passed through the door of 55 High Street, Monifieth, to enjoy the displays of exhibits, photographs and information archived within its walls, all relative to the local area.

A few examples of photographs  which have interested visitors in the last month.

Ardownie  Souterrain

Ardownie Souterrain

Which was uncovered beside the Dundee  to Arbroath ( A92) road, then covered over when constructing the dual carriageway.

Linlathan House and Dighty Water

Linlathan House and Dighty Water

The Dighty as it meanders through the Den in front of Linlathen House which was later demolished.

Carpet Factory workers

Carpet Factory workers

Carpet Factory workers at Milton

David Marr and Earl of Dalhousie

David Marr and Earl of Dalhousie

David Marr – manager – and Earl of Dalhousie at the “Big Foundry”


Angus Heritage Week

Angus Heritage Week:

Wednesday 10th  September, 2 – 4pm

Monifieth Local History Society Display

Monifieth Community Cabin, South Union Street , Monifieth

This is the place

This is the place

Monifieth Local History Society will have on display a selection of photographs, memorabilia and researched information material relative to Local Heritage.


Checking the Information

Checking the Information

Tea will be served.

Tea and Discussion

Tea and Discussion


Everybody who came  seemed to have an enjoyable afternoon.



You don`t say!

Taking a break

Taking a break

Monifieth Heritage Walk Leaving from the Angus Council Access Office.

First Monifieth Burgh Coat of Arms

First Monifieth Burgh Coat of Arms

Over the centuries the spelling of the name has altered many times, as has the conclusions as to the possible reasons for the title. The registered coat of arms carries the features of a stag and a hill, signifying the combination of two Gaelic words Monadh Feidh. However, many are now more in favour of another two similar sounding Gaelic words Monach Fother meaning Monks Land or Holy Place. Over the passage of time Monifieth has indeed been regarded as a historical holy place.
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