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Can You Help ?

This is a request we have just received  and  we have tried to print it as close to the original as possible


I am looking for any information regarding my father:

Mr. Thomas Alexander Crichton

Born: May 11, 1892

Married Mary Greig (Crichton) on July 22nd, 1921 in Arbroath.

Highland Regiment ?

Father died when I was 11 months old and now that my own family has grown up and I have more time to ponder,


My father died while my parents were living in Durham Street, Monifieth, while my father’s parents lived in Well Street, Monifieth.

It says on their Marriage lines that Dad was a grinder. However, he joined a Highland Regiment at the outbreak of WW1 and I am really keen to find out which one, so that I can look up his Army Records and perhaps find out a little more about him.

I DO know that he taught the bagpipes to the Boy’s Brigade in Monifieth.

If anyone, FAMILY, friends, anyone who knew him, could give me ANY information about my father, I would be MOST GRATEFUL to hear from you! ! ! Please contact me:

Mrs. Joan (Crichton) Bisset 31 Carnegie Street Arbroath.

Tel: 01241 871951




Call My Scottish Bluff

Please come along and support  this event.  Come as a team or individually.

It promises to be a very interesting and enjoyable evening.

The Crown is on the High Street  almost next to the House of Memories.


President’s Report and Request for Support

Monifieth Local History Society

Friday 11thMay 2018.

President’s Report.

After so many years as Society President you would think it would become easy to write a monthly report of the happenings, and concerns involving our group.

This has been the hardest ever report that I have been obliged to write.

April has seen us past the fourteenth year since leasing the premises at 55 High Street, a rather dilapidated and run down empty retail outlet, and with the sole purpose in mind, that it would be a central meeting place for members, to carry out research work associated with their combined interest in the history of the local area. The numerous members worked hard to bring the accommodation up to an acceptable and habitable level, The public at large became interested in our activities and joined in with offers of help, support and finance. it then became apparent, that our talks, website, exhibitions and displays, involvement in community events, was much appreciated, and creating a need for retaining historic related items and memorabilia, within Monifieth. From small beginnings by the acceptance of items to be taken into our care, the House of Memories evolved.

Years have seen it flourish and now it has outgrown the current premises which are totally unsuitable for the extensive services our volunteers provide free of charge. Donations are acceptable.

The ‘down side’ to this success story being, membership numbers have fallen, most probably due to the ageing process, leaving few able and willing volunteers to carry on what has been so often described by others as doing a fantastic job on behalf of the community’. The “fantastic job”, has taken up much of our time, with little left for planning and carrying out the necessary funding raising events to meet the £9000 per annum to finance the House of Memories community project.

The cold harsh winter, inability to meet rising costs to heat the premises, which are in desperate need of external maintenance, brought us to the conclusion, despite the ‘willingness of a few committed members the future looked grim.

We were back to the circumstances faced in 2002, looking for appropriate accommodation, but this time with a vast amount of precious artefacts, memorabilia photographs etc in fact the keys to Monifieth’s heritage. Recognising this as being an indication for the need for a formal Monifieth Heritage Centre.

As our legal right to do so, on behalf of, and as part of the Monifieth community we made application for an Angus Community Asset Transfer Lease of the former Angus Council Access Office, which is very suitable and appropriate for adaptation to a Heritage Centre. (Disabled parking & Access).

Notice of this transfer request will be published online at and notices displayed in the vicinity of the former Angus Access office Monifieth.

MLHS lease application has been accepted for consideration, and we will be notified of a decision in due course.

With the granting of a lease, the ambitious project, of a Monifieth Community Heritage Centre management and financing is not within the remit of Monifieth Local History Society, nor the constituted objective, and must be addressed.

Community projects require the involvement of its members, and we as such have done what was necessary to find, and made application for the lease of premises considered suitable to house community property i.e. contents of the House of Memories, for relocation.

A new body; Monifieth Heritage Centre Management Group, must be established by those willing to undertake the responsibility and necessary commitment involved, with representation from Monifieth Local History Society, Schools, Churches, Businesses, Community Council, Local Council, Groups and organisations all together at the table.

MLHS will continue to meet their constituted objectives, and operate from the proposed Heritage Centre.

MLHS have accepted signed declarations of support from hundreds of individuals who respect our work and the services we provide for Monifieth.

Now we must ask them in return to share the responsibility of what between us, as a community, we have created, a local, national and international tourist attraction and information centre, envied by others.

The future of the House of Memories a Heritage Centre lies with the choice of the community, by their actions either to support it or lose it.

Hopefully fourteen years of the time, effort and skills, given willingly and freely by members of Monifieth Local History Society for the benefit of all, will not be wasted.

Please support us in our application by emailing Angus Council  and telling them you support us or how much help/information we have given you.

Any representations made to the Council about this request, or our website

have four weeks allowed for answers.

The response period 7th May—4th June 2018.

Thank you in anticipation.


Margaret Copland. President

President’s Report April 2018

Monifieth Local History Society / House of Memories

Friday 6th April 2018 President’s Report

Thank you all for attending this morning, as due to holidays, weather conditions, and other factors it will now give us the opportunity for discussion regarding our projected plans for the House of Memories. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those volunteers, who have in arctic conditions, kept the House of Memories open on a fairly regular basis. Despite the weather there have still been visitors interested in viewing our displays. I have been told that the sunny days are coming and I hope that is soon.

Our negotiations with Angus Council regarding our formal application for a Community Asset Lease Transfer of the former Angus Access office are on going. The support we have received from the members of the community, and others who appreciate the services we provide have been tremendous. Our proposals for a Monifieth Heritage Centre, on the High Street, with disabled parking and access, room for displays and extra accommodation for research facilities and ‘small group’ meetings, meets with public approval.

However, a successful lease outcome will present us with other hurdles to overcome. Funding for relocation of premises, equipment for improved services, day to day running costs, something we have already considered and are addressing with assistance from Angus Council representatives.

To provide the upgraded services we hope to have on offer, we will need more committed volunteers to give us some of their ‘time’. With the hundreds of ‘Friends of Monifieth Local History Society’ who signed up offering their support of our work, we must appeal to them for their assistance in whatever way they can. Our work is for the benefit of all age groups and abilities, who are interested in Heritage, be they local, national or international. Monifieth community has survived for almost two thousand years, with a Heritage worth preserving for future generations, Together we can do it. Monifieth community motto “United Strength is Strongest”

Margaret Copland.


William Lamb Studio – The March Talk

Talks – Dates for your Diary

Thursday 22nd February 2018          

 at 2 pm

   Story of a vanished hamlet in Angus      

Catherine Rice

Postponed until the autumn due to unforeseen circumstances.




Thursday  22nd  February  2018,

at 2 pm

‘What do you know about Monifieth?’

‘An illustrated ‘quiz’

led by Margaret Copland and Marianna Buultjens

followed by afternoon tea.

What do you know about Monifieth?


Thursday 22nd March 2018

at 2 pm

 The William Lamb (Sculptor and Artist) Studio in Montrose’

   a talk  to be given

by Norman Atkinson

followed by afternoon tea.


Thursday 19 April 2018

at 2pm

‘Birds, Bells and Bunnets –

Life on the Craigie Column’

a talk by      Terry MacCallum


followed by afternoon tea.






President’s Report February 2018

Seems a long time since our meeting in December and the closure of `55` over the festive season.

Our plans for the future are still `in the making, or so to say.

On behalf of the group, I with others have been involved in various discussions with representatives of Angus Council, regarding the lease of the currently vacant former Angus Access Office.   Following months of discussion and negotiations, we are still `at the table`.

However, we have over the months been encouraged by the volume of support for the House of Memories survival, from members of the community and further afield.  It is gratifying to learn that the services we provide are appreciated locally, nationally and internationally.

Volunteering and working for your community requires time and commitment and those of Monifieth Local History Society have given both, ensuring that the Heritage of the town and surrounding area is preserved for the future.              The generosity of those who have gifted or loaned items for display, has brought about the need for larger display accommodation, with space for research facilities.      We also need involvement by volunteers to ease the workload of `manning the desk` at the House of Memories, to keep it open on a daily basis free of charge to the public.

The many letters of support make reference to “the great services provided” and the popularity of `Monifieth`s special place`.

As I said earlier , this is all very gratifying, but what would be most acceptable and necessary support  to keep our community project alive is a few hours of their time, either as volunteers or fundraisers.   This support would ensure the continued constituted objective of preserving “The Heritage of the local area for the future generations”

Thank you all.

Margaret Copland. President.