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House of Memories now History

  1. An EGM, open to members of the public, to take place at 7pm on Friday 26 July in the Community Cabin.
  2. We will discuss what has to happen to the contents of HoM with a heritage centre now seemingly unachievable.

We urge all who live or work in Monifieth to come along and hear first hand the latest news.

House of Memories EGM

Disaster for the House of Memories

 Due to to the state of dilapidation of 81 High Street (former Angus Council Access Office) we were unable to take on the lease for the premises and were given notice to vacate them by 30 June. All the contents will be put in storage until further notice while we seek  alternative  accommodation.

The Courier interviews the President

Monifieth House of Memories project needs to raise £10k


Organisers behind tourist attraction ask public to help them clear final hurdle

Organisers behind ambitious plans to reopen a tourist attraction in Monifieth

have one final hurdle to overcome.

Monifieth Local History Society has six weeks to raise £10,000

for a year’s running costs for its new base in the former Access Office

on the High Street. A crowdfunding page has been set up with £4,000

already pledged, but society president Margaret Copland has warned,

if the target is not reached, the project will be scrapped.

Mrs Copland explained the not-for-profit group was in a “chicken and egg”

situation regarding funding the lease for the building, the subject of a successful

community asset transfer agreement with Angus Council last year.

She said: “We have not signed the lease agreement and can’t apply for

grant funding until we do.

“We have to make sure we have sufficient funding before we commit.

“Over the 15 years we ran the House of Memories in our previous building,

we averaged £9,000 a year to keep it open and raised that through donations.

“Our annual rent will be £4,500 – but we have to secure funding of £10,000 to cover all our running costs – including insurance, heating and lighting.

“We have committed ourselves to renting the building for three years

but it would be foolish to sign the lease until we have the funding.”

The society has the backing of a number of community groups, including the community council, befrienders group and Voluntary Action Angus.

Margaret continued: “They are all keen we survive.

“Unlike our original building, the new premises has disabled access and a number of ante-rooms  which can be used for a number of groups.

“We hope to set up a library research room and a reminiscing room for clients from care homes.

If we meet the £10,000 target by April 28 we will sign the lease at the start of May.  “With a big community effort and the help of our volunteers, we would open on June 1st.

That would be us back in business.

“If we don’t, I would be dreadfully disappointed and would feel we had let the Monifieth community down.”

Further details on the project can be found at

To pledge a donation visit Go Fund Me Monifieth House of Memories.



History Scotland Lectures III – Global Scotland in the age of Brexit

Historical perspectives on the Scottish diaspora and migration.

The third in the History Scotland Lectures series, in association with the University of Dundee Centre for Scottish Culture, will be held on 11 April 2019 at 6 pm, delivered by Professor Tanja Bueltmann (Northumbria University) and chaired by Professor Graeme Morton (University of Dundee).

Venue: The Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee, Dundee DD1 5EN.

6pm, 11 April 2019


To book your place, e-mail or tel 0113 200 2922.

For further information go to:-


What’s not to like about Monifieth

Monifieth- Hurrah


For years we lived up in the toon

But no lang syne, to get mair room

We flitted and we settled doon

In Monifieth


To bide doon here is simply grand,

We’ve country air, the sea, the sand,

A nice wee hoose, wi’ a bit of land

In Monifieth


There’s some fowk here gey fu o’ pride,

Wha’ dearly love to pit on ‘side’

That dinna fash us tho’ we bide

In Monifieth


But ye daurna use the Dundee twang

Or there would be a michty sang

Ye maun speak ‘pink’ the hale day lang

In Monifieth


But losh! The fowks no a’ the same

There’s plenty of them I could name

Has made us feel we’re just at hame

In Monifieth


If for a hoose yer lookin’ roon

Jus tak oor plan and leave the toon

Pack a’ yer sticks and come straight doon

To Monifieth


written by T Y Miller in 1917

President’s Report at the AGM

Monifieth Local History Society/ House of Memories

Annual Genetal Meeting 6th February 2019

Lesser Gerard Hall, Church Street , Monifieth.


President`s Report.


Since our last AGM on Friday 3rd November 2017 things have certainly been happening for MLHS,

We have been faced with many big decisions to be made also with difficulties and problems to be addressed.

The resignation of our Treasurer, Doris Bayne, due to ill health, was resolved by the offer of volunteer David Jones to take up the Office and undertake the responsibility for associated duties.  David`s willingness to support our Society was halted by his deteriorating health problems. Once again we need a committed Treasurer.

The Vice President Alex Bell, on `long term sick` leave, eventually resigned from Office.

The volunteer member who assumed responsibility for fund raising, Minute Secretary and the overall day to day running of the House of Memories, for varied personal reasons resigned.


The premises at 55 High Street, we leased and occupied were no longer fit for the purpose of delivering the free services we offered, locally, nationally and internationally.

Due to the ageing process our membership was diminishing.

Closure of the High Street footpath has seen visitor figures to the House of Memories drop during Spring, and early summer, despite all our efforts.

Where did that leave us as custodians of the community property left in our care by those who wished the “heritage related items to be retained in Monifieth where they belong” ?  The few committed MLHS volunteer members moved on with their plans to acquire more suitable and appropriate rented accommodation in central Monifieth.  It was an impossible task.

The House of Memories at 55 High Street was closed to the public in August 2018.  Closure brought with it the inability to take part in several community events, as we had done in the past.  Difficulties in finding meeting accommodation within Monifieth are well known, and we could no longer carry on with talks, displays, and fund raising events.

Over many months we had been negotiating with Angus Council to lease the former Angus Access / Police Office at 81 High Street, which was unoccupied and surplus to their requirements.

We had made application for an Angus Community Asset Transfer Lease, of the 81 High Street property, then  with the backing of the Community and Angus Council we were on 9th October 2018 granted the offer of a 3 /5 years conditional lease.  Great news for Monifieth, however, it did not solve the problem, as this could take some considerable time to finalise, time we did not have, as it was imperative that all the property within 55 High Street be relocated at the earliest possible date. This was achieved by negotiating with Angus Council to be granted an Occupancy Licence allowing the building at 81 High Street to be used “for storage purposes only” until the formal lease agreement, with an official entry date is signed by MLHS.

On 6th December 2018 MLHS paid the costs and provided the labour to relocate the community property to 81 High Street, the former Access / Police Office. We now have the opportunity to move forward working together to provide something special for Monifieth.

Signed offers of support, followed by hundreds of messages of congratulations for MLHS`s work and efforts in reaching this stage are very gratifying.  We have been made aware that the internationally recognised name House of Memories be retained.  MLHS have the key to a very suitable and appropriate building for Your Community Heritage Centre.

I emphasise Your Community, because we will need your support to re-open the House of Memories that became a tourist attraction, with services provided free of charge to the public.

The future for the MLHS`s community project could bring unlimited benefits and opportunities to those all age groups and interests.

Working Together We Can Do IT.


Thank you.

President’s Report January 2019

Monifieth Local History Society

Thursday 10th January 2019 at 10.30am

83 High Street, Monifieth DOS 4AA


Thank you for attending today to what is the first meeting of the Monifieth Local History Society members and those who are interested in our work this year. Since our last meeting  things have progressed rapidly with the Society no longer based at 55 High Street known as the Monifieth House of Memories.

The Occupancy Licence granted by Angus Council to allow the storage of the heritage related items , property of Monifieth Community which they “wished to be displayed and remain in Monifieth where it belongs”, was relocated on the 6th December at 83 High Street, the former Angus Council Access Office, for which our Community Asset Transfer Lease Application was approved on 9th October 2018 by Angus Council who supported the idea of establishing a Monifieth Community Heritage Centre. Negotiations are currently taking place regarding the agreement by those involved ie; MLHS and Angus Council, prior to signing and acceptance of conditions for this ambitious project.

Angus Council have been most considerate in their support of the plan, however we have now reached the stage where those members of the community, who expressed their offers of support, must come forward as we few committed volunteers, who have for fourteen years managed the House of Memories, on their behalf, now are in dire need of assistance to carry on the services we provided for what became an international tourist attraction.

Age has so to speak “Taken it’s toll” In order to allow discussion and consider the feasibility of moving the project forward, we have organised a Public meeting at 7pm Wednesday 16th January 2019 in the Community Cabin. The attendance at the last public meeting regarding the establishment of a Monifieth Community Heritage Centre, was to say the least very disappointing. In order that MLHS continue with the plan will require the forming of a MCHC management committee with all the necessary office bearers. As the official lease holders MLHS will be represented within the elected group.

The time scale for agreement of lease acceptance is moving closer and with no community support, then the opportunity for Monifieth to change from “the place with nothing” to “Monifieth has a nationally recognised Heritage Centre” will not happen.

Other options will then be addressed regarding the Community owned property.

Margaret Copland.

President MLHS