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Tea in the Garden – Cancelled

I am greatly disappointed to advise you all that our fund raising event

‘Tea in the Garden’,  scheduled to take place on Saturday 22nd July,

due to previously unforeseen circumstances , cannot take place.

Despite planning being at an advanced stage, and attempts to change the venue, we have no option other than to cancel the project.
Consideration of Health & Safety and Legal obligations must be recognised by our group.

Mrs. Copland (President)

President’s Report June 2017

Monifieth Local History Society/ House of Memories Management Meeting.

Friday 10 am 9th June 2017.

President’s Report.

Thank you all for being here. Sometimes when we wish so hard for things, the wish is granted and then backfires causing even bigger problems. This was brought home to me with the idea my garden was so dry and it needed rain to make the flowers flourish. Now I wish the “Rain rain would go to Spain”

Monifieth Local History Society is something we all care about by voluntarily giving of our time, varied skills and talents. Over the years from our combined efforts it has flourished. In the past five weeks this has become quite apparent through the number of requests for information, visitors to the House of Memories and invitations to take part in local events. We are providing a much appreciated service to the Community at large. Local residents and businesses have shown interest in supporting our objectives of ‘preserving the past for the future’.

What we now need is the Community at large to respond to our needs.

So far we have been fortunate enough to raise financial funding from varied sources to maintain and manage our Community project, without going ‘begging for cash’, and my wish would be that long may that continue. What we do need however is more volunteers from the Community, by the giving of their time, to assist in keeping the House of Memories open daily free of charge to all those wishing to view our on show displays, and reference information sources.

Since our last management meeting we have been successful in recruiting volunteers purely on a trial basis. A positive step forward in the right direction. Perhaps with our involvement in the future Community events we might encourage others.

I will make one wish that I sincerely hope will be granted.

That Saturday 22nd July will find the Rain on Holiday in Spain.

Yes to  ‘ Tea in the Garden.’

No to  ‘ Tea in the Monsoon.’


Life in a Dundee Tenement – Wednesday June 21st


Panmure and the Jacobites

Tell us your memories/stories of Monifieth Public School

Public School Monifieth

Public School Monifieth

We are asking for assistance, to provide information, pictures, stories about Monifieth Public School.

There must be a vast number of ex pupils who have stories to tell about attending the school in Monifieth.. We have a fair amount of archived material already, but  we are sure that there must be people with stories to tell.

“Tell us your memories  and stories of Monifieth Public School”.


Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Lunch – all welcome


Monifieth Past

Pictures can jog people’s memories so this week we have some more.

Once again we would love your comments.

Class Room Memories

Class Room Memories


Happy Days at Seaview School

Happy Days at Seaview School

Demolishing the Terraces

Demolishing the Terraces


Former Businesses

Former Businesses