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Heritage Centre Public Meeting January 16th 2019

As President of Monifieth Local History Society on their behalf, I wish to thank all those who over the past fourteen and a half years supported our community project Monifieth House of Memories.

Volunteer members of our organisation managed and financed the project, with support from the community and Angus Council, and were custodians of property for public display within Monifieth at their request.

The project over the years flourished, and other varied services were provided by the volunteers free of charge, in particular our website, which encouraged people locally, nationally and internationally to visit.

Varied circumstances caused the closure of the House of Memories to the public in late summer,  however we were successful with our application for an Angus Council Community Asset Transfer Lease of the former Angus Council Access  / Police Office, 83 High Street, Monifieth.

The property has disabled facilities, parking and  spacious accommodation to enhance the services our organisation provide.

A planned Monifieth Community Heritage Centre could become a reality, we have the key, and have been offered the lease of a most suitable  and appropriate building.

Hundreds signed up offers of support, and now need those individuals to make a commitment to assist in managing and financing the ambitious project.

In order that those who are interested in `something new for Monifieth`, we will hold a public meeting at 7pm on Wednesday , 16th January, 2019, for questions , answers, discussion and recruitment of members and supporters.

Public Meeting Poster

Make it your New Year resolution to be there and have your say.

Together we can do it.


Margaret Copland.

President Monifieth Local History, Society

83 High Street,

Monifieth DD5 4AA


Our New Premises

83 High Street, Monifieth, DD5 4AA

will be the new address.

However, from now until February we will just be transferring our collection.

The main moving date is Thursday 6th December so if you are free come along at 9am and give a hand.

This time will be used negotiating the lease etc..

Hope you can see what we have in the sketch below.













Donate and/or Volunteer

The crunch has come!!!!

We have to move from 55 High Street to 83 High street    ( the Old Access office, opposite the library) by the 12th December. It is not far, but some of our exibits and display cases are heavy.

We may have to get a removals firm to do the heavy lifting which will cost so now is the time to donate or volunteer.

You can donate by cheque to The Monifieth Local History Society and post either through the letter box or Royal Mail


55 High Street, Monifieth   DD5 4AA

OR by bank transfer


Sort Code:       82-61-13

Account No.:   50442286

Or by our Crowdfunding page link


In case you did not fill in a volunteer form before here it is again.

This will help us in our move so that we can call on you for a specific task.


Please return your form to us at 55 High Street or by email as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance

The Webmaster

Latest News

Appeal Poster

President’s Special & Important Report


(October 18th 2018)


As President of Monifieth Local History Society it is an honour and a privilege on behalf of the organisation to make all members, friends and supporters aware of the Successful out come of our Community Asset Transfer Lease Application for the former Angus Council Access / Police Office.

The House of Memories, our community project, with many varied services we provide will now survive, and introduce additional new improvements, by relocating to the more appropriate suitable premises.

Considering all the support offered for this ambitious project, we will now move forward towards change with the establishment of a Monifieth Community Heritage Centre.

 Financing the project is of prime importance with sponsorship and donations welcome.

We are looking towards recruiting new members, also friends of MLHS prepared to assist in his ambitious undertaking for the overall benefit of the community and beyond.

Time to erase the reputation “Monifieth has nothing”


Thank you all for your past support and interest in our objectives.


Margaret Copland

President’s Report October 2018

House of Memories Tuesday 2nd October 2018

President’s Report

The 2nd of October 2017 was a memorable day for us, as we received a communication from the Chair of Angus Community Asset Transfer Group, acknowledging our potential interest in community asset transfer lease of the former Angus Council Access Office.

On 27th February 2018 following discussion and consideration of any other options, available to us, a formal Community Asset Transfer Lease was submitted, with the attached relevant requested information. Throughout the year there has been much discussion and many meetings in an attempt to resolve the dire circumstances facing Monifieth’s House of Memories. We few remaining Monifieth Local History Society members who manage the community project found it impossible to continue shouldering the responsibility as custodians of the memorabilia and artefacts for display within Monifieth at the request of the benefactors. The property leased by the MLHS due to varying factors, but mainly Health and Safety reasons, was closed to the public, until alternative and more appropriate accommodation for relocation can be found.

On going enquiries and a search for storage accommodation has to date proved unsuccessful.

There is just no where to go in Monifieth unless we get a favourable answer from Angus Council regarding our Community Asset Transfer Lease application, which unless there is another delay, should become known to us after the meeting of the Procedures and Resources meeting on Tuesday 9th October.

Should the lease be granted.

There have been many local residents who have `signed up’ offering their support for the establishment of a Monifieth Community Heritage Centre, and the time has come for them to now uphold that commitment. More members will be necessary to form a new Monifieth Community Heritage Centre Management Committee, which will include representation from MLHS and the recognised world wide services provided by willing committed volunteers. Bringing benefits to all age groups while at the same time providing the link to the past in Monifieth’s special place. Room for expansion and new ideas. Together we can do it.

If the lease application is not granted then MLHS volunteers cannot continue with their community project The House of Memories, and fourteen years of commitment and dedication to the wishes of the people will be lost similar to other Monifieth’s Heritage associated buildings.

Margaret Copland. President MLHS


President’s Report September 2018

Monifieth Local History

7th September 2018

It is now September and the situation regarding the future of Monifieth House of Memories is no clearer than it was over a year ago. According to an email from Sylvia Breen, Angus Council Communities Officer, we might possibly have a response from Angus Council regarding our Community Asset transfer Lease Application for the vacant former Angus Council Access Office! Police office, by the end of this month.

We the MLHS volunteers have reached the stage where we can no longer provide services as custodians with sole responsibility to the community for their property , which is on display at 55 High Street. We need assistance of committed volunteers of all ages, prepared to give time towards preserving Monifieth’s Heritage for the future.

The premises leased by MLHS, through Blackadders, property agents, is no longer suitable, or for many varied reasons appropriate to needs. Due to circumstances out with our control, not only are we risking our own health & safety, due to adverse conditions, we are exposing members of the public who visit the House of Memories to those same dangers.

The update on the owners legal obligations and necessary maintenance requirements, discussions and progress, will be found in a separate report.

What ever the outcome of all discussions I believe that the time has come , when we must ‘pack up’ and close the doors of ’55’ , either for relocation , which would be my preferred option, for many valid reasons, or temporarily, for time to allow extensive structural repairs to be made bringing the currently leased property to habitable standards.

With no storage accommodation available in Monifieth will the dream of a Monifieth Community Heritage Centre ever become a reality?

Only time will tell.

Thank you all for your commitment, support and help, through the difficult situations we have faced together, and the good times as friends do.

Margaret Copland.

President’s Report – August 2018

Monifieth Local History Society / House of Memories 3rd August 2018

The past three weeks since our last meeting can only be described as being hectic. Our gallant remaining volunteers have managed to keep the doors of the House of Memories open against all odds ,on a regular basis. However it has been necessary to review the hours. Visitors have commented on their disappointment at the enforced closures. Our volunteers appeal has created interest and we have a few offers of committed support, which are currently under discussion. We need those hundreds who signed up offering support to honour their obligation.

Invitations to deliver talks to groups & organisations continue, with the promise of donations for this service. We are currently working to assist the Librarian at Monifieth High School by lending material for a Monifieth in 1918 project. Angus Alive have also borrowed several items and using our researched information for their “Seven Towns , One County” exhibition in the Meffan Institute, Forfar. Our popular website is still attracting tourists to Monifieth.

The warm dry summer ended last week and it was brought home with the drastic realisation that the current building housing the House of Memories memorabilia etc, is in urgent and desperate need of extensive structural repairs to keep it ‘wind and water tight’. This is something we have already brought to the attention of the leasing agents on numerous occasions, to no avail. From information received our Community Asset Transfer Lease Application for the vacant premises, formerly used as Angus Council Access Office /Police Station, would be given consideration at a full meeting of the Angus Council in the next few weeks.

The future of the House of Memories and the services provided by Monifieth Local History Society are totally dependent on being granted the requested 3 to 4 years lease, and with volunteer support from members of the community to manage and support a Monifieth Community Heritage Centre.

We could have a place beneficial for all the people, managed , financed by the people, and the envy of many other people, Locally, Nationally and Internationally,

With a fourteen years of experience head start, we along with the members of Monifieth Community can do it.

The Search for Volunteers Begins

The following posters………… requests for volunteers  have been posted by Clive Goldstraw, Voluntary Action Angus, to all their contact sources. Clive, following discussion this morning will be using the House of Memories as a base for meeting volunteers, on Tuesday afternoons, between 2pm / 4pm

Hopefully with the ability to recruit some for the establishment of a Community Heritage Centre.
He has also promoted the request for more members of a management Committee, of which MLHS will be represented.

Volunteers Needed

President’s Report – July 2018

Monifieth Local History Society /House of Memories

Friday 13th July 2018

President’s Report.

The Community Asset transfer Lease for the former Angus Council Access Office is being given serious consideration.

We should in the next month or so be notified whether or not we have been successful.

We have held a Public meeting to alert the community of their obligation regarding the management and financing of a proposed Monifieth Community Heritage Centre, should the lease be granted to our group. As you are aware this would create the need for the formation of a Heritage Centre Management Committee with representation from MLHS, whose volunteers members have managed the House of Memories , for fourteen years , as a Community project.

The time has come for the community to play a greater role in the displaying of their items etc, which indicates their desire to retain the Monifieth Heritage story in the place where it belongs Monifieth.

Monifieth Local History Society would continue to use a Community Heritage Centre as their ‘work base’, and provide most the services established at the House of Memories, with additional benefits for all ages.

If relocation is not possible, due to lack of suitable or available affordable premises the MLHS would be forced to revert to its constitutional objectives. ” Educating the public at large by sharing researched information, by all means possible to them, regarding the Heritage of the Local Area.”

Talks, exhibitions and participating in fund raising and Community events, being still part of their Agenda, with continued monthly committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting held on the first Friday in November.

The Community property of which we are the custodians, some of which was loaned for display, will be returned to the rightful owners.

Items gifted to MLHS for display and their property will be given consideration as to their disposal by the Society members.

The ‘dream ‘ Heritage Centre for the future lies  with the people of Monifieth , who have pledged their support and will be required to honour the action, by becoming committee members or volunteers. We can only make it happen by working together with them.