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The San Quentin Connection

In reply to a visitors question

I find the San Quentin connection with Monifieth information absolutely
fascinating, and cannot understand why it did not surface before. Thank you.
I have always considered that Monifieth was here because of the church history, but only developed from a sleepy village when the Low family established their foundry in an open field, in what is now the High Street around 1800. The establishment of mills and factories generated the demise of handling weavers working from home. The need for spinning, weaving and machinery associated with the linen and jute production, was recognised by the Low family and the Foundry by the Sea flourished.
The coming of the railway made transport goods to various places worldwide beneficial . The business flourished, and employees moved into Monifieth.
During both World Wars, the Foundry turned to production of munitions the work being undertaken mainly by local women.
Between the wars the Foundry employed almost 2000 with some travelling daily by rail or bus to Monifieth .
Today there are people who remember living in housing provided for foundry workers, on the High Street was Foundry Terrace, and in Reform Street ,the tenements fondly named “Poddlie Raw”.
Those who served their engineering apprenticeship in James F Low’s foundry were held in high regard, and found employment throughout the World.
To this day there are those who come forward with pride to tell of their connections with “The Big Foundry” in Monifeth with industrial premises covering fifteen acres in the High Street site.
The years following the change of ownership and operations under the trade name of Rob Roy engineering were successful with the appearance , at World Trade Fairs, of dumper trucks, water pumps and other machinery required by the building trade.
The closure of Rob Roy, and demolition of the buildings, ended industrial engineering in Monifieth, making employees look for work in other areas. This did cause families to drift apart, and created the start of different community.
Without the ancient history of the church and Low’s Foundry there would not be Monifieth as we know it today.
Incidentally it is now an accepted fact that Monifieth is a translated derivation “Holy Place”.

I hope this answers some of your questions

Hell Hole: Monifieth’s links to San Quentin State Prison’s hated jute mill





In today’s Courier the following advert appeared  in the Public Notice section

Monifieth Local History Society – Closure of the House of Memories

Scottish Registered Charity Number SCO34053

Due to adverse conditions of the property, the contents of the HOM were moved into storage in December 2018.

Unable to find suitable alternative accommodation, we now require to deal with the items in storage.

To retrieve LOANED items (NOT Donated items) a form is available from

Catriona Black at RSB Lindsays Solicitors –

email address:              or

telephone number: 01382 224112

Closing Date April 3rd



After this date, any remaining items held will be auctioned and the funds remitted to MLHS

After the winding up of the society  remaining money will be given to  Monifieth charity(s)

British Empire Medal awarded to our President

Our president has been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.
The Courier says “Margaret Copland the driving force behind efforts to keep the heritage of Monifieth alive”.
Mrs Copland said to her team “What I have done in the past, was always as part of a team effort in the provision of benefits for others, with so many others giving their voluntary support in differing ways.
Thank you for being there with me in recognising the importance of Monifieth Community and it’s Heritage
Personal recognition or gain never being the objective .
I am proud to say Monifieth is ‘my home town'”.

A Quick Link to Donate

Some followers have had difficulty in navigating to our Crowd funding page.

Here is a quick link – just click on the link below………….

Our Fundraising Progress

We are sure that the Monifieth Community would like to know how the appeal is going.

We asked for donations by cash/cheque to 81 High Street or by bank transfer.

Then later a Crowd funding account was set up.

Just click on this link ….


The details of the two  ways that we have at the moment are as follows:-

Monifieth Local History Society/ House of Memories

We Need £10000 for 28th April 2019 to secure the lease .


Funding Appeal to re-open at 81 High Street, Monifieth . DD5 4AA


On 25th March 2019 accumulated Donations

Received by Monifieth Local History Society


13th February 2019   Craig Fotheringham                   £15                          

4th March     2019   Edna Conner                               £10

   4th March     2019 Angus Accounting (S Wills)         £500

   5th March     2019 Baldowrie Garage (Kerr )           £100   (by bank transfer)

18th March     2019 Bayne the Baker                           £25

18th March     2019   Coin donation                             £15

25th March     2019   Monifieth Ladies Assoc.            £50

25th March     2019 Monifieth Bowling Club               £25

                                                               Total =             £740

GoFundme ( Facebook ) Community Crowdfunding

Appeal for £6000 launched 11th March 2019.

Nicky Stewart                      £20

Donna Breckenridge           £5

Anon                                   £25

Sheena Cochrane          £500

Anon                                    £10

Anon                                      £50

Monifieth Minions           £100

Maurice Bann                      £10

Tommy Young                      £20

Joyce MacMillan                      £240

Gloria McCabe                      £10

Monifieth Community Council £500

Peter Philip                             £1000

Anon                                            £15

Anon                                         £20

Anon                                           £20

Anon                                           £200

McKinney Plumbing                £150

Anon                                                £20

S Cant                                          £20

Anon                                                £50

Total at 25th March 2019 = £3105

 We still need more donations so ask your friends to donate to this Monifieth cause. Once again our bank transfer details


Sort Code:       82-61-13

Account No.:   50442286

Or visit the Facebook site

Becoming a member also helps

Membership Adults £15 per annum

Two named Family members £20 per annum

Age 5 years to 11 years £5

Age  12 years to 17  years £10






First Meeting of the New Management Group

Monifieth Local History Society / House of Memories

Thursday 7th March, 7pm, 81 High Street, Monifieth.

President’s Report.

The first meeting of the newly formed Management Group.

It has been a busy time since the 6th February and I feel overawed at the speed at which the Fund raising sub group raced into action. It suddenly appears as though we are moving towards a successful ending towards securing the lease of 81 High Street, the former Angus Access /Police Office to reopen the House of Memories in greatly improved appropriate accommodation for 1st June 2019.

In September 2020 perhaps we will be able to host a celebration of the formation of Monifieth Local History Society in 2000, and recognise all those committed members who have in the past shared their knowledge and skills to bring us this far, working to preserve Local heritage and Monifieth’s past for future generations.

There is still much hard work to be done, and many hurdles to be overcome, however having now reached this crucial stage, I feel confident that with the offered support of Monifieth Community, who we serve, then the House of Memories will flourish bringing unlimited opportunities and benefits to all ages and interests. The Past is now history. The future is in our hands.

Together We Can Do It.

Margaret Copland President.

Annual General Meeting February 6th 2019

AGM Feb 2019

Update from the President January 2019

Monifieth Local History Society / House of Memories Management Group. Meeting 23rd January 2019 at 10.30am Monifieth House of Memories 81 High Street, Monifieth DD5 4AA

President’s Report

Since our last meeting on 23rd January 2019 there have been so many happenings it is difficult to know where to start. Our work and plans are creating interest. This was highlight by the request from STV News on 15th January to be interviewed and filmed for the six o’clock news. The story seemed to go down well, but I am still puzzled at who the old woman was who accompanied Marianna, our shining star. Can I also add that we have interest from others.

Preparations for the Public meeting on 16th January were going well until mid Monday 13th January I was notified that we could not have the use of the Community Cabin resulting from a booking problem. All other local venues for meetings were already booked. Eventually we were, at very short notice, able to get the use of the Lesser Gerard Hall. My grateful thanks, to all who made this possible for the meeting to go on. Twenty two members of the Public attended, with several signing Volunteer forms, with one person signing Membership and Volunteer forms. Two of those present were representatives of McDonalds, Ethiebeaton, who offered their support, and the desire of their staff to ‘sign up’ as volunteers. A pupil from Monifieth High School wished to volunteer as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award project. All very positive. There were among those present who agreed undertaking various roles in the Management of the House of Memories, and becoming part of the management Group.

We do need a Secretary and I am sorry to report that due to ill health our Treasurer will not be standing again for Office. The Chairperson of Monifieth Community Council suggested that I remain in Office as President of MLHS until the relocation and improvements plan were completed. I did not say “No”. The AGM for the Society is scheduled for 6th February 2019, at 7pm in the Lesser Gerard Hall. We must now face the task of moving forward with those who support our ideas, and towards a date of entry to legalise the lease agreement in early May 2019, with a proposed official opening day 1st June 2019, when Membership fees are due for renewal. Finance with community fund raising for £10000 being ‘top priority’ between now and 28th Apri1.2019. We can then say: ” We Together the Monifieth Community did it!………….. we made history”.

Thank you all.

Margaret Copland.

Change of Venue for Public Meeting

Due to circumstances outwith our control we have found it necessary to change the venue of the Public Meeting to the Gerard Hall, Church Street, Monifieth at the same time of 7pm, Wednesday 16th January 2019.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this problem.

Please tell anybody that may not check this website
Margaret Copland.

The Courier – News in Brief

Monifieth Local History Society are ready and willing to move forward  with the establishment  of  Monifieth Communiit Heritage Centre assisted by some of  the hundreds who `signed up` declaring their support .
Their support is needed now to move on to the next stage of the ambitious project.
Monifieth Local History Society and representatives will be there.                      Will you or yours?
At the  public meeting for discussion and recruitment of members and volunteers  at 7pm Wednesday 16th January 2019

in the Monifieth  Community Cabin.  South Union Street.

Margaret Copland.