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The Chained Monkey Motif

Chained Monkey Motif

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The Gerard Hall chained monkey has over many years been a topic for discussion resulting in many stories and conclusions.

At the formation of Monifieth Local History Society in 2000 it was considered to be an apt and recognisable motif to be adopted by the group.

Following research and prior to requesting permission from the Lord Lyon for Scotland to use the chained monkey as their motif the following information was revealed.

There was no confirmed evidence the story of a monkey being washed up on the Monifieth beach.

No confirmed evidence to the story of how a seafaring man from Monifieth kept a chained monkey as a pet

Confirmed evidence.

The Hall built in with financial assistance by the Rev Dr James Gerard Young, the Parish Church Minister, was opened in 1882 for use by the community, at a cost of £2000 completely debt free.

The name Gerard is that of the benefactor’s maternal line of descent.

Articles written on `Early Christian Symbols` describes the Chained Monkey as signifying “Good overcomes Evil”.

This is in keeping with the Latin quote above the door.

The Lord Lyon was totally unaware of the existence of the sculptured stone in Monifieth, with the only other one recorded being in Norfolk

Permission was granted to the Monifieth Local History Society to use part of the Memorial sculpture as their motif.




Monifieth 1930 Shops and Businesses

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1930`s Shops & Business Premises 1930`s Maule Street & High Street

Maule Street South Side

School House

Monifieth Public School

Junction /South Union Street

Office Thomas Muir Son & Paton ,

Coal merchants House

Farquharson, Plumber.

Winter , Painter & Decorator.

Railway Cottages

Railway Goods Yard.

Railway Station

High Street
J.F. Low . Ironfounders Factory & Ground area of 15 acres.

Junction Reform Street.

High Street continued

Panetta Ice Cream Parlour

G Taylor , Grocer.

Taylor the Grocer
Located on the south side of the High Street c1915

Alhambra Cinema

Junction Wellbank Place

High Street cont:

Junction Tay Street

Henderson Grocer.

Panetta Ice Cream & Confectioners

  1. Craig. Plumber
    F & W Alexander Bakers

Millar, Barber.

Maule Street North Side

Nicoll& Tait Chemist

Misses Stewart. Drapers

Rattray. Barber
Mrs Kermath. Grocer

Tullis . Builder & Joiner

Lane to G Lowson Coal Merchant`s Yard

Maule Street continued:

Burgh Council offices,

Dundee Eastern Co-operative Society

Former Businesses

Mrs Pick`s Haberdashery

Junction North Union Street. High Street.

High Street continued :

North side.

Royal Bank of Scotland

  1. Kinnear Shoe Shop

Robertson. Jeweller & Watchmaker

Gall. Fishmonger

Troup. Chemist

Post Office

Miss Yule confectioner.

Villa Marquisbank

Two Cottages

1. Hay Joiner & Undertaker

J F Low`s Garden Allotments

McLeod . Newagents

Peebles. Bros. Grocers.

Lane to outbuildings for Peebles Bros & R M Mathers Baker

High Street continued:

Mathers Bakers Shop

Gibson . Draper

Mrs Garry, Hairdresser

N Millar, Butcher

High Street continued

South Church Halls

Ross. Painter

Allan , Grocer

Mary Watson , Draper.

Path Leading to Dr Richardson`s House 53 High Street

Sinclair, Ironmonger.

  1. Carr, Grocer

Lane leading to storage for W Carr and Three houses

High Street continues;

W Rew , Butcher.

Morrison, Plumber.

L White , Greengrocer.

Ingram , Baker.

Royal Hotel.

Entrance to Hotel gatage.

Geekie , Butcher

M Taylor Newagent & Confectioner

Monifieth Police Office

JD Forbes Photographer.