Members Newsletter November 2019

Monifieth Local History Society

Newsletter November 2019

Dear Member,

Thank you for renewing your membership for 2019/2020. The last time you heard from us we were still hoping to lease the premises of 81 High Street, the former Angus Council Access Office, to establish a Heritage centre, be able to display the collection of items donated by local people and from which to deliver the society’s services and programme. Sadly, because of the many difficulties and unforeseen circumstances outlined below, we were unable to sign the lease:

  • we are an ageing committee with health and other issues; • due to lack of volunteers, we have no treasurer, secretary or fabric convenor; • the challenges of getting the premises fit for purpose had we signed the lease were too great; • a lack of support from local councillors; • we were not successful in getting any money from the Monifieth Town Centre Development Fund; • lack of volunteers; • if the venture was not successful, the committee would be liable for debts incurred by the society.

The final blow was that our President, Margaret Copland, who inspired and led our campaign, was taken into hospital with a serious condition, days before we were due to sign the lease.

But enough of our tales of woe! Our President is out of hospital and recovering her health and strength; financial support from local people through the ‘Go Fund Me’ website has enabled us to stay solvent, and continue to pay for storage of the collection of items which used to be housed in the House of Memories; throughout our difficulties our webmaster, Kevin Clayton has done an admirable job to keep our website up, running and flourishing! With advice from OSCR the Charity Regulator we will be deciding what is to be done with the collection of items from the House of Memories.

Meanwhile we will be drawing up our programme of Talks and Trips (yes, we hope to be able to reinstate this popular part of our programme!) about which our next Newsletter will inform you.

Due to present circumstances we are unable to run our Christmas Meal, but wish you all health, happiness and the Seasons Greetings!

Margaret Copland, President and Archivist; Marianna Buultjens, Vice President; Kevin Clayton, Webmaster; Elspeth Johnston, Diplays and Events Convenor; Diana Robertson, Volunteers’ Manager; Linda Johnston, Membership Secretary; Jessie Meachan, Committee Member.

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