We Begin Again

MLHS Presdient’s Report

Tuesday 10th September 10am in the Vault. Courtesy of Sheena Cochrane.

Our last meeting was in the Carnoustie Communiity Hub with representatives of the Angus Council. Notes from the meeting were forwarded to me and passed on to our group by Marianna , acting Secretary.

Resulting from this meeting a new “Heads of Lease Document” was sent to us by Angus Council for consideration. Following discussion with our legal advisor , he on our behalf responded with our comments and suggestions for agreement to the signing of the property on offer at 81 High Street. The former Angus Access / Police Office. With costing of decoration etc to be considered it was arranged for us to view the premises. It was considered unnecessary for us being accompanied by an Angus Council representative, when carrying out this exercise. Later Helen Reid (Angus CAT team leader) made contact to advise she had visited the premises and would contact Gavin Balfour, (Angus Properties Dept.) regarding “stuff”’ within the Building. In reply to her message it was suggested provision of a rubbish skip could be helpful, as we were looking for an early date of entry to commence the work of relocation of the House of Memories/ Community Heritage Centre. Returning the community heritage items from costly storage. We will require committed help and support of the community to move  this ambitious project forward to achieve our objective to create a centre for the benefit of all ages and interests. We are almost there and together We Can Do IT

Margaret Copland. President

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