Our Fundraising Progress

We are sure that the Monifieth Community would like to know how the appeal is going.

We asked for donations by cash/cheque to 81 High Street or by bank transfer.

Then later a Crowd funding account was set up.

Just click on this link ….



The details of the two  ways that we have at the moment are as follows:-

Monifieth Local History Society/ House of Memories

We Need £10000 for 28th April 2019 to secure the lease .


Funding Appeal to re-open at 81 High Street, Monifieth . DD5 4AA


On 25th March 2019 accumulated Donations

Received by Monifieth Local History Society


13th February 2019   Craig Fotheringham                   £15                          

4th March     2019   Edna Conner                               £10

   4th March     2019 Angus Accounting (S Wills)         £500

   5th March     2019 Baldowrie Garage (Kerr )           £100   (by bank transfer)

18th March     2019 Bayne the Baker                           £25

18th March     2019   Coin donation                             £15

25th March     2019   Monifieth Ladies Assoc.            £50

25th March     2019 Monifieth Bowling Club               £25

                                                               Total =             £740

GoFundme ( Facebook ) Community Crowdfunding

Appeal for £6000 launched 11th March 2019.

Nicky Stewart                      £20

Donna Breckenridge           £5

Anon                                   £25

Sheena Cochrane          £500

Anon                                    £10

Anon                                      £50

Monifieth Minions           £100

Maurice Bann                      £10

Tommy Young                      £20

Joyce MacMillan                      £240

Gloria McCabe                      £10

Monifieth Community Council £500

Peter Philip                             £1000

Anon                                            £15

Anon                                         £20

Anon                                           £20

Anon                                           £200

McKinney Plumbing                £150

Anon                                                £20

S Cant                                          £20

Anon                                                £50

Total at 25th March 2019 = £3105

 We still need more donations so ask your friends to donate to this Monifieth cause. Once again our bank transfer details


Sort Code:       82-61-13

Account No.:   50442286

Or visit the Facebook site


Becoming a member also helps

Membership Adults £15 per annum

Two named Family members £20 per annum

Age 5 years to 11 years £5

Age  12 years to 17  years £10






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