What’s not to like about Monifieth

Monifieth- Hurrah


For years we lived up in the toon

But no lang syne, to get mair room

We flitted and we settled doon

In Monifieth


To bide doon here is simply grand,

We’ve country air, the sea, the sand,

A nice wee hoose, wi’ a bit of land

In Monifieth


There’s some fowk here gey fu o’ pride,

Wha’ dearly love to pit on ‘side’

That dinna fash us tho’ we bide

In Monifieth


But ye daurna use the Dundee twang

Or there would be a michty sang

Ye maun speak ‘pink’ the hale day lang

In Monifieth


But losh! The fowks no a’ the same

There’s plenty of them I could name

Has made us feel we’re just at hame

In Monifieth


If for a hoose yer lookin’ roon

Jus tak oor plan and leave the toon

Pack a’ yer sticks and come straight doon

To Monifieth


written by T Y Miller in 1917

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