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President’s Special & Important Report


(October 18th 2018)


As President of Monifieth Local History Society it is an honour and a privilege on behalf of the organisation to make all members, friends and supporters aware of the Successful out come of our Community Asset Transfer Lease Application for the former Angus Council Access / Police Office.

The House of Memories, our community project, with many varied services we provide will now survive, and introduce additional new improvements, by relocating to the more appropriate suitable premises.

Considering all the support offered for this ambitious project, we will now move forward towards change with the establishment of a Monifieth Community Heritage Centre.

 Financing the project is of prime importance with sponsorship and donations welcome.

We are looking towards recruiting new members, also friends of MLHS prepared to assist in his ambitious undertaking for the overall benefit of the community and beyond.

Time to erase the reputation “Monifieth has nothing”


Thank you all for your past support and interest in our objectives.


Margaret Copland

President’s Report October 2018

House of Memories Tuesday 2nd October 2018

President’s Report

The 2nd of October 2017 was a memorable day for us, as we received a communication from the Chair of Angus Community Asset Transfer Group, acknowledging our potential interest in community asset transfer lease of the former Angus Council Access Office.

On 27th February 2018 following discussion and consideration of any other options, available to us, a formal Community Asset Transfer Lease was submitted, with the attached relevant requested information. Throughout the year there has been much discussion and many meetings in an attempt to resolve the dire circumstances facing Monifieth’s House of Memories. We few remaining Monifieth Local History Society members who manage the community project found it impossible to continue shouldering the responsibility as custodians of the memorabilia and artefacts for display within Monifieth at the request of the benefactors. The property leased by the MLHS due to varying factors, but mainly Health and Safety reasons, was closed to the public, until alternative and more appropriate accommodation for relocation can be found.

On going enquiries and a search for storage accommodation has to date proved unsuccessful.

There is just no where to go in Monifieth unless we get a favourable answer from Angus Council regarding our Community Asset Transfer Lease application, which unless there is another delay, should become known to us after the meeting of the Procedures and Resources meeting on Tuesday 9th October.

Should the lease be granted.

There have been many local residents who have `signed up’ offering their support for the establishment of a Monifieth Community Heritage Centre, and the time has come for them to now uphold that commitment. More members will be necessary to form a new Monifieth Community Heritage Centre Management Committee, which will include representation from MLHS and the recognised world wide services provided by willing committed volunteers. Bringing benefits to all age groups while at the same time providing the link to the past in Monifieth’s special place. Room for expansion and new ideas. Together we can do it.

If the lease application is not granted then MLHS volunteers cannot continue with their community project The House of Memories, and fourteen years of commitment and dedication to the wishes of the people will be lost similar to other Monifieth’s Heritage associated buildings.

Margaret Copland. President MLHS