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President’s Report September 2018

Monifieth Local History

7th September 2018

It is now September and the situation regarding the future of Monifieth House of Memories is no clearer than it was over a year ago. According to an email from Sylvia Breen, Angus Council Communities Officer, we might possibly have a response from Angus Council regarding our Community Asset transfer Lease Application for the vacant former Angus Council Access Office! Police office, by the end of this month.

We the MLHS volunteers have reached the stage where we can no longer provide services as custodians with sole responsibility to the community for their property , which is on display at 55 High Street. We need assistance of committed volunteers of all ages, prepared to give time towards preserving Monifieth’s Heritage for the future.

The premises leased by MLHS, through Blackadders, property agents, is no longer suitable, or for many varied reasons appropriate to needs. Due to circumstances out with our control, not only are we risking our own health & safety, due to adverse conditions, we are exposing members of the public who visit the House of Memories to those same dangers.

The update on the owners legal obligations and necessary maintenance requirements, discussions and progress, will be found in a separate report.

What ever the outcome of all discussions I believe that the time has come , when we must ‘pack up’ and close the doors of ’55’ , either for relocation , which would be my preferred option, for many valid reasons, or temporarily, for time to allow extensive structural repairs to be made bringing the currently leased property to habitable standards.

With no storage accommodation available in Monifieth will the dream of a Monifieth Community Heritage Centre ever become a reality?

Only time will tell.

Thank you all for your commitment, support and help, through the difficult situations we have faced together, and the good times as friends do.

Margaret Copland.