President’s Report April 2018

Monifieth Local History Society / House of Memories

Friday 6th April 2018 President’s Report

Thank you all for attending this morning, as due to holidays, weather conditions, and other factors it will now give us the opportunity for discussion regarding our projected plans for the House of Memories. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those volunteers, who have in arctic conditions, kept the House of Memories open on a fairly regular basis. Despite the weather there have still been visitors interested in viewing our displays. I have been told that the sunny days are coming and I hope that is soon.

Our negotiations with Angus Council regarding our formal application for a Community Asset Lease Transfer of the former Angus Access office are on going. The support we have received from the members of the community, and others who appreciate the services we provide have been tremendous. Our proposals for a Monifieth Heritage Centre, on the High Street, with disabled parking and access, room for displays and extra accommodation for research facilities and ‘small group’ meetings, meets with public approval.

However, a successful lease outcome will present us with other hurdles to overcome. Funding for relocation of premises, equipment for improved services, day to day running costs, something we have already considered and are addressing with assistance from Angus Council representatives.

To provide the upgraded services we hope to have on offer, we will need more committed volunteers to give us some of their ‘time’. With the hundreds of ‘Friends of Monifieth Local History Society’ who signed up offering their support of our work, we must appeal to them for their assistance in whatever way they can. Our work is for the benefit of all age groups and abilities, who are interested in Heritage, be they local, national or international. Monifieth community has survived for almost two thousand years, with a Heritage worth preserving for future generations, Together we can do it. Monifieth community motto “United Strength is Strongest”

Margaret Copland.

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