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President’s Report October 2017

President’s Report

September was a busy month for the group, who despite those committed members being able to participate in various events, due to illness, we managed to cope with all our commitments in a satisfactory fashion. One day in particular was pretty hectic in that we managed to host a talk by a guest speaker, and were joined by a visitor from America, who had made initial contact through our website requesting information about her Monifieth ancestors. She spent several days in Monifieth, and we were able to assist with her search. That same evening Marianna, our talks convenor, and myself delivered a talk to Carnoustie Guild. The following day, the House of Memories was visited by a gentleman who is now resident in North Wales. He had been raised in Monifieth, and again was linked to our work via the website. For information we were able to forward , he gave a generous donation , and became what can only be described as an ‘on line member’. This indicates that the work we carry out is appreciated , not only by the residents in the local area, but nationally and internationally. We also participated in the Angus Open Doors weekend , followed by Angus Heritage Week. Feed back from the weekend visitors once again highlighted the problem of our inability to have the House of Memories open during normal ‘non working hours’. Perhaps we should review this in the near future, meantime consideration must be given to our ‘winter hours’ opening. This again raises the need for more willing volunteers, not necessarily members, but friends from the community , who wish to support our work , in preserving the Heritage of Monifieth and the local area. With this in mind the audit form listing our supporters as ‘Friends’ was introduced in order we could if necessary contact them. Please note my signature is not listed as I am already committed. Thank you all once again, for your commitment and support.

Margaret Copland. President