Help Needed to Identify

From time to time we get photographs handed in for identification.

Here is one that we would like to know ‘the occasion’ and any of the ‘attendees’.

No prize I am afraid as we are a charity.

Group Photo for Identification

2 responses to “Help Needed to Identify

  1. Perhaps on Riverview Park football pitch with barrier and high dunes behind bordering Buddon camp road and railway? 1953 Coronation? Boy with Grove Academy blazer extreme right might be me but not sure! And a girl 3 or 4 places left with long curly hair could be fellow classmate Helen McIntyre-but I may be hopelessly wrong after 60 years plus!

  2. I guessed at Riverview and 1953 too but really can’t identify anyone. A few faces look familiar but I couldn’t name them.

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