Flash Bang Winnie and her Picture Gallery

Winnie Cochrane

Winnie Cochrane

On 22nd February 2002, Winnie Cochrane passed away in Stracathro Hospital, at the age of 86 years. Winnie was known as an expert photographer throughout Angus, but particularly so in her home town” of Monifieth.

Affectionately known to the locals as Winnie Flash Bang”, she started off life as Winnie Forbes, daughter of a well-known sports press photographer, J. D. Forbes.

After completing her education at Grove Academy, her professional career started in the family business, catching in pictures, what is a historical record of many local events.

Winnie was commissioned to photograph the baby Princess Margaret at Glamis Castle. Another important assignment being her appointment as “official photographer” for the Caledon shipyard, recording and documenting every stage of the construction of the ships being built in the yard.

Many wedding albums treasured by local families are with school photographs, sports events, organisation “night outs” – a living record of historic events.

Something happening, Winnie was there, her camera, it has been said “not always with a film”.

Golf events were of special interest, as from 1977 until her retirement in 1994 she was also starter at the Ashludie course. It had been known for the start of a match to be delayed by the temporary closure of the box, while Winnie and camera were on another mission.

Bob Cochrane, her husband was also an expert in the use of the camera, being one of the first to pioneer photography from an aircraft.

Winnie was predeceased by her brother Dr Bill Forbes, sister lean, husband Bob Cochrane, and survived by her nephew Alan.

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One response to “Flash Bang Winnie and her Picture Gallery

  1. Delighted to see my class at the top of Winnies gallery (Im in the second row from the front, second from the right) this was Mrs Eila Smiths P6 class, before we split and half of us moved to the brand new Seaview Primary school with Mrs Smith again for P7. I was vey shy but Winnie has worked her magic and I am seen smiling happily with everyone else for the photo – she turned up regularly at school and Scout events and was a lovely character – although her camera not always flashed when she pressed the button !

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