Newsletter August 2016 (extracts from)

What have we been doing?


The answer to that question:- WE HAVE BEEN VERY BUSY.

Sad to say due to circumstances outwith our control, perhaps the age factor being the greatest cause, the few committed volunteer members are finding it difficult to meet the increased work load generated by the success of the House of Memories, Community project.

Visitors continue to arrive at 55 High Street, to view our permanent display of items and photographs relative to the Heritage of an Angus Burgh. Our talks and events are popular and well attended by both members and non members. The website continues to be viewed with worldwide interest, and acts as an information centre for many planning visits to the area.

The House of Memories has been opened during the eve­ning, by arrangement, at the request of groups. Fund raising activities continue and we are sincerely grateful to all who contribute to the financing of 55 High Street as a Link to the Past.

I am also most grateful to the Office Bearers and those who add their support to the Management and Finance Committee. With a little help from our friends, then we might reach our goal of “2016 being the Best Year Ever” for Monifieth Local History Society


Margaret Copland . President.


It was written in 1916-

We will never forget their noble deeds and inspiring example..


“Oh, the swing of their kilts;

 how it set the tears starting.

There’s glamour about it, that

 makes the heart swell.

But there’s many a lad that wore

the gay tartan.

Asleep in his cauld bed at dark

Neave Chapelle.”


Year after year the grass

Year after year the grain,

 But sleeping dead in their lonely graves.

They never come back again.


Monifieth Foundry has contrib­uted freely in men and money during wartime. The industrial resources have been exploited to help the country in it’s hour of peril.


Bravo Monifieth (1916)

Monifieth Burgh was reported by the Secretary of State for Scotland to hold the premier position for freedom from crime among the Scottish Burghs with a population of under 5000. In cases of drunkenness and disor­derly conduct. Statistics showed 32 for Monifieth , with a similar populated burgh given as 647

MLHS Community Project

Managing the day to day running of the services provided has not been an easy task for Linda Spalding, in charge of the day to day management. Sadly the number of volunteers, who ‘man the desk’ has for several reasons diminished. Main cause the ageing process of those involved .

Interested Volunteers we need just

TWO Hours of your time.

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Come as a couple, or with a friend.

No special talents required, however, those who have already volunteered have discovered they do enjoy meeting very interesting people “frae a’ the airts” who visit Monifieth.  Our programme of talks & events, are well, attended and enjoyable social occasions.

To find out more you can visit 55 High Street, or


Tel. 01382- 530355


Monifieth Community Needs YOU


So that you do not miss out

Ashludie Prize Giving 1967

Ashludie Prize Giving 1967

Foundry Workers c1912

Foundry Workers c1912


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