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Monifieth Traders long ago

Not quite sure of the dates but thought it may prompt some memories.

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Monifieth and its Amenities – 1889



As a seaside summer resort there arc few places more favoured than Monifieth. It possesses many of the advantages which are most valued both in watering places and inland re­treats. While enjoying the bracing breezes from the German Ocean, it is sufficiently sheltered by bent hills and a delightful stretch of downs, the eastern wind being tempered by the heat of the grassy slopes over which it passes.

Again if we look to the sea, Nature has also been gracious to Monifieth. Safe, pleasant, and ample accommodation is found for bathing purposes.

Monifieth Beach

Monifieth Beach

Those who love fishing may en­joy themselves to the top of their bent.

To the west of the railway station, and south of the line, there is in their season a very paradise of wild roses, where children may play all day long, while those who appreciate rural walks can have them to their heart’s content.

The line rising ground up from the village would hold many excellent residences, commanding a rare sea view, and receiving the healthful airs from the Firth of Tay.

If to these attract­ions are added those presented by a magnificent golfing ground it will be found that Monifieth is a place whose natural advant­ages has not been stinted.

Golfers 1890's

Golfers 1890’s

at the tee

at the tee













Builders have begun to realise this and scores of cottages have been erected in the village which promises soon to compete, as a summer resort, with larger places east and west of it.

From The Monifieth Almanac and Literary Annual 1890


Local Information


Monifieth School Board

Rev. Crawford Smith Chairman: Messrs. Robert Galloway, David Low, G.R Paul, David Gowans, and Robert Stephens, Members; Mr Irvine Drimmie, Clerk; Mr John Strachan, Treasurer; Mr J. H, Meldrum, Schoolmaster, Miss Ellen Sinc;lair, Schoolmistress; Mr J . Coldwell, Schoolmaster. (Mattocks)

Monifieth Yearly Society


James Baird, President; Alexander Moir, Vice President, William Smith, Secretary; Andrew Walker, Treasurer; Alex. Hutcheson and Andrew Williamson, Members of Committee; Meets every alternate Monday evening in the Free Church Hall, at half past seven o’clock.

Monifieth Parochial Board

Office 53 Brook Street, Broughty Ferry. Hours—Forenoon from 10 to 3; Evenings, 6.30 to 7.30; Saturdays, 10 to 1. Wm. B. Spence, Collector.   Registrar for the Parish—Robert Morrison.


Mails arrive.                     Mails despatched.

7 a.m.                              10.56 a.m.

11 a.m.                            3.10 p.m.

6.30 p.m.                         7.55 p.m.

No despatch on Sundays.—David Lowson, Postmaster.


Parish Church,   –           Rev. Dr. Young,              Inducted in 1855.

South Free Church, –        Crawford Smith, M.A.,   Ordained in 1878.

Hillock Free Church,   –   Edward Cross, M.A.,       Inducted in 1845


Rev. Crawford Smith, M. A. Hon. President. Edward C. Baird, President. James A. Young, Vice-President. John Johnston, Secretary. James A. Baird, Treasurer. Jas. Elder, Chas. Malcolm and W. B. U. Patterson, Members of Committee. Meetings in the Room every Sabbath morning at Nine o’clock.


The Monifieth Branch, Panmure Lodge of the above association, meets every alternate Tuesday evening in the Sunday School Hall, at eight o’clock. Thomas Douglas, Worthy Master ; Robert M’Lauchlan, Deputy Master; David Macrae, Secretary ; David Doig, Treasurer; Other office bearers, James Lowson, Wm. Kennedy, Alex. Costley, James Carrie, Walter Levie, Jas. Campbell, John Hendry, D. B Hampton, James Blane, and James High.

LOCAL MEDICAL PRACTITIONER Dr Robert Sinclair Smith, Bellgray Villa, West March.


Meets every Monday evening in the Foundry Hall at eight o’clock, John Johnston, C. T.

PANMURE GOLF CLUB Instituted 1845

D. Mitchell, Captain; J. Sharp, First Coun­cillor, A. R. C. Patterson, Second Councillor; Irvine Drimmie, Hon. Secretary. The M’Lauchlan Silver Medal is competed for in May, along with the Gourlay Cup ; the Gold Medal and Silver Cross, in October; and the Brand Cup, in February.

MONIFIETH GOLF CLUB Established 1858.

Alex. Moir, Captain: Andrew Walker, Foundry Terrace Secretary and Treasurer ; Council—Thos. Christie, Geo. M’Cadam, John Chalmers, and Geo. Wright. Monifieth Challenge Cup played for in the months of April and May. Panmure and Average Medals on the first Saturday of March and Sept­ember.   Cold Cross and Average Medal on the first Saturday of June and December. Fenton Gold Medal second Saturday July; also six monthly competitions during the season.


Meets every alternate Friday evening in the Young Men’s Christian Association Rooms at eight o’clock. Wm. R. Mills, President; James Stewart and Robert Reid, Vice-Presidents; Archibald Whyte, Secretary and Treasurer.



James Johnston, President; S. M.  Low, Vice-President; J. II. Meldrum, Secretary and Treasurer ; meets every second Wednesday of each Month during the winter season in the Sunday School Hall.


Estimated Population, 2,000.

Number of Householders,                                                                               400.

Voters for Members of Parliament,                                                                 350

Feu-Duty,  …       …                                                                                  £1030 9 6.

Yearly Rental,     …      …                                                                         £4,260 5 0.

Annual Holidays begin on Second Monday of April, Fourth Monday of July, and Second Monday of October.

Parish   Church   Officer—Andrew Beaton.

Free     Church   Officer—David Ramsay.



Chairman—R. B. Laird, Esq., Members—Messrs David Stewart, A. T. Smith, Archibald White, Samuel Boyle, and Alex. Baird, Secretary, Treasurer and Lighting Inspector—Mr Irvine Drimmie.


James Barrio, President, John Strachan, Secretary and Treasurer.

Note—Since the sheet containing Mr Walter Alexander’s Adver­tisement was printed he has removed to that Shop lately occupied by Mr Andrew Beaton, while Mr Beaton, whose Advertisement appears on the same page carries on the business of Tailor and Clothier, at his residence, Anderson’s Terrace, Monifieth.

Rambles Round Monifieth


Rambles Round Monifieth




This is a neatly got up pamphlet, and contains interesting sketches of place in and around Monifieth, with several illustrations which will make it of special value to all who are connected with the district. — “People’s Journal.”

The sketches about Monifieth and its neighbourhood embrace notices of the antiquities and later recollections of the district, as well as of its mansions and topography generally. They form an interesting little book.-“Arbroath Guide.’

This is a delightful little local history, showing careful and wide research It is arranged with fine literary taste, and in small compass gives much valuable and interesting information, flavoured with racy anecdotes of the olden time It will be found very useful to strangers as an intelligent and pleasing guide to places of historic interest throughout the district.–“Brechin Advertiser”.


Summer Day Rambles

Being a continuation of

Rambles Round Monifieth


Contains descriptive papers on Broughty Ferry, Pitkerrow, Duntrune, Barry and East Haven, and a number of other places within a four mile radius Monifieth.   A useful and pleasant little book.- -“People’s Friend.”

The antiquities of the district seem to have special attraction for the author and he writes of them, not in the rusty creaking style so often adopted, but with living interest and in animated phrase. — “Arbroath Herald.”


Monifieth: Its Antiquity

And Historical Associations

This pamphlet contains the following illustrations, accompanied with letterpress descriptions:—High Street, Monifieth; Grange House; Monifieth from the Railway Station; Woodhill House Grange Cottage and Ruins of the Little Mill; Balmossie Railway Bridge ; Milton of Monifieth ; the Sunday School Hall ; Monifieth from the South-West. Besides the above it also contain a series of articles on topics of interest to those resident in the district, extracts from which will be found in this issue of the Almanac.

Note—Either of the above sent, post free, to any address for 3d in stamps; or the three can be had neatly bound in one volume, cloth, gold lettered, price 1s 4d. As the editions are nearly exhausted —only six copies of the second one being left—and as they will not he reprinted early application is necessary.

DAVID MACRAE, Bookseller Monifieth.