Newsletter February 2016

House of Memories

What have we been doing?


All things considered 2015 has to have been Monifieth Local History Society’s most successful year. The website, thanks to the webmaster’s skills, was viewed by 26000 viewers in 78 countries worldwide. The community project, Monifieth House of Memories visitors book indi­cates there were increased numbers viewing the displays, who came from “a the airts”. Our talks convener organised a series of six consecu­tive weekly lectures ”’Scottish History in Tayside” which brought historians from outwith Monifieth to hear Alasdair Sutherland.

Fundraising events proved not only financially beneficial, they were most enjoyable social occasions for all who attended. Sadly we have seen the passing away of long standing members, however numbers remain fairly static with those with an interest in local history joining our group. We have participated in the many local events and at every opportunity tried to support other community organisations.

Call my Bluff panel

Call my Bluff panel

Piper James Hepburn pipes in the Haggis

Piper James Hepburn pipes in the Haggis

We have endeavoured to achieve the groups main objective. It was at one time said “Monifieth has no history”. We have proved that state­ment to be untrue. My thanks to all those who have supported us and made this possible. For the future, we hope to maintain and improve upon the services we provide locally, nationally and internationally.rob2022


Margaret Copland. President



Monifieth House of Memories

MLHS Community Project


For over ten years the Society’s Manage­ment Committee have successfully ‘kept the doors open’ of 55 High Street to all comers. They have also provided services and information requested by the public at large. With some financial assistance from Angus Council, support both in finance  and other ways by the Community, and fundraising events organised by MLHS  members



What does the future hold for Monifieth’s special place, which is now on the Tourist  trail and international visitor attraction?  This is totally dependent on those who are  willing to give a few hours of their time to  keep the project alive.  The current dedicated volunteers are all very willing, but they all recognise they are ten years older since undertaking a commitment to the Community of Monifieth’s House of Memories.

This Project is dependent on volunteers to keep it open.

With more willing volunteers and extended ‘open hours’ who knows how many more visitors might enjoy Monifieth’s “nostalgic wonder”?



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