Twelve years on

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Monifieth Local History Society

        Newsletter Letter

        Thursday, 05 February 2004

Seven days is said to be a long time in politics.

It can also be an endurance test for the members of the Monifieth Local History Society. The prolonged legal negotiations for the lease of 55 High Street, Monifieth are finally reaching a conclusion.

Now the `real work` begins.

The clearing up, painting, decorating and setting up the displays will keep everyone out of mischief for a while.

The Trustees, who are to manage the day to day running of the Monifieth House of Memories, are busy with pens, papers and calculators working out business plans, costing strategies and `fund raising` activities.

No complaints though, they are eager to see the first member of the public through the door, to view the display, even sit down for a chat about events and days long past.

You may wish to know “When will that be?”

No definite answer, as lessons were learned from the delays that can occur out with our control

Re. Finalising the Property Lease.

The more help and assistance given then the sooner the `Opening Day`. The old saying “Every mickle maks a muckle” could be applied to the situation.

Help in any shape or form will be gratefully received.

The video “Monifieth Past, Present & Future” is still very much sought after. Already this project has generated £2000 towards funding for the House of Memories.


Seven days since the launch in the Monifieth Public Library Learning Suite.

We have already had quite a number of `hits`. Tell us what you think of our site? .

What would you prefer to see?

Have you any Monifieth Tales?


Monifieth Quiz.

Who was James Gerard Young?

Where were the `Brickies`?

Where was the Tram Depot?

Where was Albert Works?

Where was Jennie Barrie`s Inn?

Letters from Abroad.

This week a letter arrived from an internationally, well known “Monifieth Laddie”, Walter Deas.

Accepted as one of the World`s leading experts on under water photography and diving, Walter still keeps up links with his `home` town. Now resident in Australia he does visit his family in Scotland, between spells working , in some exotic spot filming .

Thanks Walter for noticing us.

Monifieth Beach pre 1950

Monifieth Beach pre 1950

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