A Burns Celebration Lunch – Wednesday 20th January

Robbie Burns

Robbie Burns

The Haggis Neeps and Tatties Lunch

will take place on Wednesday 20th January at 1pm

in the Monifieth Community Cabin,

South Union Street.


All Welcome to attend. Tickets £6 can be obtained from

The House of Memories, 55 High Street, Monifieth

or from MLHS members.

Book early as numbers could be limited.

Enjoy traditional meal etc. and Scotland`s National Drink,

or bring your own bottle.

The     Programme

Piping-in of the Haggis                     James Hepburn

Carried by “Poosie Nancie”         Leonore Bell

Address tae the Haggis                    Joe Morgan

Grace                                                   Alex Bell

Meal                                            courtesy of Jenny’s Kitchen


  • A toast to the immortal Memory Margaret Copland
  • There was a lad…’   Communal song
  • ‘Holy Willie’s Prayer’       Joe Morgan
  • ‘To a Louse’                          Marianna Buultjens
  • ‘Ye banks and braes’ Communal song
  • Toast to the Laddies       Marianna Buultjens
  • Toast to the Lassies       Allan Copland
  • ‘A red, red rose’      Communal song

                                           Auld Lang Syne



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