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NEWSLETTER – August 2015

What have we been doing?

Meetings of the Management Committee of Monifieth Local History Society meet on the first Friday of each calendar month at 10am, in the House of Memories It is hard to believe that the group was formed on the 28th Sep­tember 2000. As a founder member it has been an honour and a privilege to serve out those years as Vice President for two years and President for thir­teen years. (Plus stand in duties for many others). It was never imagined in the beginning just how the group would flourish to become part of Monifieth’s daily life, and recognised throughout the World. The success story of course results from the dedication and effort of the key players’ past and present, who have undertaken the responsibilities of Office Bearers and vol­unteers, who have ultimately become a group of friends working together for the benefit of the Community.

Perhaps something not to be forgotten. Visitor numbers throughout the years have increased, with a surprising number from overseas. Our website is apparently very popular with an ever expanding number of viewers. We have been asked for assistance with projects planned by groups or individ­ual researchers on subjects varying from education, industry, social activi­ties, family details, all relative to Monifieth’s past. I believe we are achieving our constituted objectives, while at the same time making friend­ships and working together with thoughts of benefits for future generations. Thank you all fellow members and those who have supported us in so many different ways.

Why not become a MLHS Volunteer ?

The House of Memories is totally dependent on the commitment of those volun­teers who daily “open up” the premises at 55 High Street, Monifieth. Believe it or not they appear to enjoy not only being able to provide a service for the commu­nity, they enjoy meeting inter­esting people who visit daily. Friendships have developed within the group. If you have two hours per week to spare, then why not come along to 55


Margaret Copland