Girlguiding celebrates 100 years of ‘girl power’


A small group of girls did indeed ‘gatecrash’ the first Boy Scout rally in Crystal Palace Park in September 1909, demanding ‘something for the girls’. The brave pioneers called themselves Girl Scouts, but when he founded the girls’ movement Robert Baden-Powell wanted them to have their own independent identity and decided on ‘Girl Guides’, and the organisation was formed in 1910 with his sister Agnes as President.

Monifieth Guides in action…………….

Guides Victory March End of WW11

Guides Victory March
End of WW11








Please let us know if you are in, or know anybody in, any of these photos taken from the ………………

House of Memories, 55. The High Street, Monifieth archives.

Guide Camp circa 1946

Guide Camp circa 1946








Guiders Camp 1946

Guiders Camp 1946


Guides at Kinnaird Castle

Guides at Kinnaird Castle









Queen's Guides

Queen’s Guides

Girl Guides  1950's

Girl Guides 1950’s






The Centenary is an opportunity to celebrate the impact that the organisation has made on the lives of girls and young women and how modern guiding continues to support over half a million members around the UK to make new friends, develop skills and achieve their full potential in a unique, girl-only space

Now on sale to celebrate the centenary …………..

postage  stamps  from  Royal  Mail


Julietta Edgar, Head of Special Stamps, Royal Mail said: “We wanted this special Centenary sheet of stamps to capture the many activities and achievements of an organisation which continues to shape the lives of millions of young people around the world.”

Girlguiding Chief Guide, Liz Burnley, said: “We are thrilled that the Royal Mail has decided to commemorate our Centenary in this way. Girlguiding has and will continue to be led by the ambitions and needs of girls and young women. I am certain our half a million members will be delighted to discover that these ambitions – and of course the girl-only space we offer – has been captured within these stamps.”




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