Newsletter January/July 2015

It’s difficult to report on what we have been do­ing over what has been a very successful busy six months for MLHS. Visitor numbers indicate an increase in visitors to ‘55’ during the lovely summer days. The only wet day being our fund-raising ‘Tea in the Gar­den’ afternoon, which turned into a success story.







We participated in various events such as Angus Open Doors Weekend, Heritage Week, Medieval Fayre, Christmas Lights ‘ switch on’ .

this is the place

We invited guest speakers to deliver very interesting talks on his­tory related topics, in the Community Cabin, then in order to generate discussion served after­noon teas. We, in re­sponse to invitations, delivered talks on various re­searched topics,

to Groups, and schoolchildren.

Honoured our obligation to manage and finance the House of Memories open daily to the public.

Organised fundraising events.

Waiting for 10.00 am

Waiting for 10.00 am








Thanks to our webmaster kept up to date with articles pictures and infor­mation requests on our website. Visited places of historic interest.

Very busy time for all those dedicated and com­mitted members,

We have still found time to enjoy social events, with fellow members, who are now classed as a group of  friends.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Thank you all who made this possible, for your dedication and support.






A thought…………….

From Monifieth Almanac 1915 –

This is a platform from which we can speak to Monifieth people all over the World.


2015 MLHS achieves the same objective with


Margaret Copland (President)

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