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Burgh of Monifieth 1952 – 2002


by Local Historian Mhairi Pyott

With families reunited after what had been a long War, the residents of Monifieth were similar to all other communities in the United Kingdom, looking forward to peaceful change and ` better things to come.`
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St. Bride’s Ring

On a small hill at Kingennie, about a mile to the north west of the Laws there is a ruinous structure called St Bride`s Ring. Very little is recorded about it`s history. The headland on which it stands rises sharply to a height of around 50 feet above ground level. What appears to be a fort, with a southerly entrance extends for a considerable distance.

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Grange House

Grange is an ancient reminder of the close association that existed between the Abbey of Arbroath and the inhabitants of Monifieth
It was originally the home farm or Grangaria where the `tiend` sheaves or tithes were delivered and deposited.
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